Tuppenny Blue: Band | Original Music from the Yorkshire Coast
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APRIL 2021: Track of the Month



At the time of writing we feel that it would be fair to say that there’s a sense of rising anticipation. There seems to be work going on around the town to get accommodations and businesses in readiness for April 12. A Day By The Sea might be back on the cards…..

Watch us on YouTube – here’s the link to our homepage:     


At this moment in time are in the process of simplifying our website and some of our other online publications. We plan to turn this site into a hub to assist in directing visitors towards our musical work – both audio and video. You will find below links to our social media pages, and for physical sales our Bandcamp page. New music and video content is scheduled for 2021 – so please have a look around and  visit again soon.


Our YEAR IN MUSIC looks back on our musical journey from the start of lockdown up to the present time – told against the backdrop of the new video and music that we publish. 

Prior to the Covid crisis  we were regular live performers, but we are now adapting to online video production as a way for the band to move forward creatively. The TRACK OF THE MONTH that appears on this page will be added to our YEAR IN MUSIC page at the end of the month, when a new Track will be added to the sequence.

We appreciate all support – whether it be views/likes/shares or comments. Here’s the link:


Social Media

Please Like / Follow us on Facebook: @TuppennyBlue Music

Please Like / Follow us on Instagram: @tuppenny_blue*

*We’re old-school novices – and TOTALLY NEW to Instagram, so please be generous!


Scroll to the bottom for active links to our social media sites

Digital Streaming, Downloads & CDs

We have a presence on all major platforms  – Spotify/iTunes/Apple Music/Amazon etc. However, in 2021 we’ll be releasing our new album ODD NUMBERS. The album will be available on all the above platforms but we’ll be offering ADDITIONAL tracks & benefits when you stream/download via our new BANDCAMP site – where you can also purchase CD releases (Falling Down CD is available NOW!). Click here for link.


Until the FULL STOP of Covid, Tuppenny Blue have  – since 2015 – been kept busy as a live band. We’ve entertained many audiences in and around our sea-side home-town of Whitby – and from time to time we’ve also performed far beyond. We’ve appeared at small venues and on large stages. We’ve played at festivals, regattas and all manner of other events. We’ve performed live on regional local radio and various local radio stations have featured our recorded music.


The band have a unique repertoire of original songs & music with a style that defies easy classification. This is our USP for audiences who want to hear something new, yet easy to get into. Maybe think of a combination of Bluesy, indie Folk Pop – or maybe not? We’d love to hear your thoughts on how we slot in – especially in this digital age. For instance, on BANDCAMP we had to choose ONE so we went for ALTERNATIVE rather than BLUES/FOLK/POP or ROCK. In fact it’s easier to say what we’re not…..


Our new 2021 album release ODD NUMBERS will be ready soon. The title was – at least in part – a response to the difficulty in classifying our sound. Not that our style is in any way strange! It’s often said that we have a “Very English” style of songwriting with little hint of any American influence about us. WATCH THIS SPACE for updates…..

FALLING DOWN CD, 2018; Front Cover

FALLING DOWN CD 2018; Inside Cover

“Fantastic laid-back Blues/Jazz fusion” – Radio Jorvik 2019

“Cracking album – Kept me going on the night shift last night; 4 times back-to-back… Can’t wait to get back to THE ENDEAVOUR and see you live again” – via social media. Marc (new follower from Kent)

“You certainly hit the spot with our audience” – York Barbican (B-Fest)

Fine Song-Writing & Musicianship coupled with a Sunny Seaside Vibe” – Musicport Festival 2018

Wonderful songs… a real crowd-pleaser!” – Canillas Festival (Malaga) 2017

A curious – but fabulous little bunch from Whitby” – Best of BBC Introducing 2016

If you’re driving – pull over….” – BBC Radio York 2016