Tuppenny Blue: Band | Christmas!
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 Our fabulous new Christmas collection

Songs for a Christmas Grotto

"An absolute Christmas Cracker!" - Coast & County Radio 2021

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Tuppenny Blue are delighted to have been chosen:

THE OFFICIAL soundtrack (First Ever Christmas)


Enjoy our music ON THE ICE

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26 November – 02 January

Enjoy our Christmas Videos
Enjoy our Christmas Show

Christmas Special: Cancellation due to Covid…..

After SO MUCH prep to make this our most special gig ever, we are gutted to have to pull the event due to a key member of the band testing Covid Positive. We’ve printed and sold tickets, put up posters, had rehearsals with a “Flow before you go” policy. We had lighting and sound sorted and special guest Lola Rosa lined up to sing duets with Simon. We’d like to give a very special “THANK YOU” to Ed and Izzy at the venue who have been a delight to work with. More than happy to refund those of you who have bought tickets in advance – please ring Ed at the venue to arrange – or call in. We hope you manage to enjoy some Christmas time with your family. The band plan to have a bit of downtime until February 2022. Gigs are infrequent and erratic in the current climate, so sign up to our mailing list to get infrequent email notifications of our future events. Wishing you all the best at Christmas on behalf of Tuppenny Blue.