Tuppenny Blue: Band | JEFF AND KEN – The VLOG AND The Track Videos now uploaded!
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JEFF AND KEN – The VLOG AND The Track Videos now uploaded!

Jeff and Ken: Track Video AND VLOG now online! Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Robin Hood’s Bay Museum. The VLOG is a long one – we just found it really interesting and couldn’t bring ourselves to cut anything more out. We are considering doing a more concise edit, but these two guys had SO much energy and bounced off each other – great senses of humour and always up for a laugh. “Jeff” (it’s actually Geoff – but as Simon explains in the VLOG, having written the song as JEFF he couldn’t bring himself to change it) was born and raised in Robin Hoods Bay. Jeff has SO much local knowledge and can remember when the railway line came right through the middle of the village. Don’t you just LOVE the photos of Jeff’s brother dressed as a TV on a table in the Sunday School Fancy Dress parade of 1956 (in the Track Video) ?! One of the photos at the end of the VLOG shows a black Zephyr motor. VERY smart looking car. That was apparently Jeff’s dad’s car – the first car in the street. Jeff’s dad – and his grandfathers and great grandfathers etc going back to the 1700s were all sea captains. Ken moved up from down south more than 20 years ago. Whitby was his wife’s home. Sadly Nancy died about 3 years ago. Ken is a real character – looks a bit eccentric due to the fact that he wears sun glasses all the time – and indoors – due to an eye condition. He can be quietly spoken so sometimes you have to listen very carefully – but he’s got a wicked sense of humour.

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